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Update: 14. Feb. um 0:28 Uhr

- Electrical cables can be interacted with again
- Fixed issue with transparency not setting correctly on glass ramps
- Converter can now convert modded Plant X seeds to S+ Plant X seeds (as long as they are children of the vanilla Plant X seed)
- Resources crafted in the Grinder while using a stack mod will now stack with existing resources
- Inventory Assistant will no longer drop itself when set to drop weapons
- Fixed issue that caused the Inventory Assistant UI to become unusable when adding too many items to drop
- Added ability to drop seeds to the Inventory Assistant
(note: the right side of existing presets will be reset due to this)
- Fixed issue with sliders in the Light & Torch Settings UI not correctly setting their position

Forensoftware: Burning Board 2.3.6, entwickelt von WoltLab GmbH